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Welcome to my ‘ABOUT’ page

your here because you want to know more about Rheabfunky and who runs it?


My name is Rhea and I’m the gal behind the brand.

Its a one woman show here! some of my roles include:


Pattern cutting


Fabric sourcing

Processing orders

Photographing and modelling garments


Social media management

Post office runs

And much much more…. All done from my

studio/faerie cave in Cheetam hill, Manchester

(1520 studios - along with loads more creatives)


I hand make everything myself - most items are one of a kind or in small batches so you are guaranteed a totally unique garment.

This also keeps it fresh and exiting for my creative flow


I have over 12 years sewing experience its always been my passion, so I can promise all my items are made with LOVE and at the highest quality


I am S L O W    F A S H I O N

my processing times can varie. the aim is within 1-6 working days.


No rules! I make my dream clothes and always have, my brand style is constantly evolving along with my own.


I work in ‘drops’ I spend months making a collections of items and drop them at a set date and time - I always update this on my instagram


My personal instagram is @faeriebaz I have this public to you can check out the human behind the ‘brand’


My official IG is @rbfunkycreations I post here often behind the scenes day to day bits and new garment previews


Some info about the Rara skirts:

Each Rara takes 3-6 hours to make, from cutting out, frilling (the long way cause u can see the difference in quality!)

sewing up + including many of the details like ruched frills and hand sewn beaded embellished ribbons.

I use a mix of handpicked luxury velvets, deadstock fabrics, and collected over time vintage trimmings.

This is reflected in the price; which is really as low as possible as I want to be as accessible as I can but also pay myself a fair wage <3



Many of my items are zero waste, i keep every last scrap of fabric to make my patchwork items (gloves, bikinis, fronts of the corset tops and much more!)

I also have some collections made from preloved  t shirts coming soon



I do lend pieces out for shoots etc  (that I feel are a good fit) so feel free to dm me about this I love working with other creatives!


if your going to ask for free skirt in return for a tagged photo or two… I don’t do this anymore especially since the Rara skirts take so long to make so I likely won’t reply as I get this q daily!



i do short term internships only, dm me to check availability


Customs are closed and I don’t think I will reopen in the near future so I can focus my energy on new designs


If the item does not fit / wont be worn you can swap for store credit dm or email to do this

This must be done within 5 days of item arrival


if your rheabfunky item get damaged ripped ect i will mend it for free (postage will need to be covered by customer on both ends) you can also bring into my manchester studio for this service 

EVERY SINGLE order that is placed ... WOW. so appreciated thankyou for your support it means the world! if you want to support me and my business  in another way - every like, save share and comment on my @rbfunkycreations instagram helps me grow and reach more potential customers so that i can one day hire a full time assistant !

Please Email or DM  if you have any Qs <3 big LOVE, Rhea b xx

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